Anders D. Johnson

Web Developer, Software Engineer, UX/UI Designer

Minneapolis, MN, USA


  • I'm a connoisseur of digital experiences with a passion for driving the web forward.
  • Full­-stack web developer & software engineer with 5+ years of experience in web technologies.
  • Passion for modern front end.
  • Open-­source contributor & creator (>500 stars on my GitHub projects @adjohnson916).
  • Also interested in DevOps, UX, UI, and PM.
  • University of Minnesota graduate; majored in Computer Science B.S.
  • Talented problem-solver when confronted with new challenges.
  • Competent learner capable of acquiring new skills with confidence.
  • Highly-organized individual adept at managing projects from incubation through completion.
  • Comfortable with both individual and collaborative work.
  • Ability to write and communicate with clarity.


  • HTML (+5)
  • CSS (+3)
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Angular.js
  • React.js
  • Backbone.js
  • Node.js
  • Java
  • Groovy
  • PHP
  • Drupal
  • Linux
  • Shell
  • SQL
  • NoSQL


Upper Division Track: Software and Data Systems Development

GPA: 3.365
  • Web Infrastructure (INET 3102)
  • Internet Programming (CSCI 4131)
  • Practice of Database Systems (CSCI 4707)
  • Advanced Algorithms & Data Structures (CSCI 5421)
  • Programming Languages (CSCI 5106)
  • Software Engineering II (CSCI 5802)
  • Software Engineering I (CSCI 5801)
  • Introduction to Artificial Intellgence (CSCI 4511W)
  • Introduction to Operating Systems (CSCI 4061)
  • Algorithms & Data Structures (CSCI 4041)
  • Program Design & Development (CSCI 3081W)
  • Computional Linear Algebra (CSCI 2033)
  • Formal Languages & Automata Theory (CSCI 4011)
  • Machine Architecture & Organization (CSCI 2021)
  • Discrete Structures of Computer Science (CSCI 2011)
  • Structure of Computer Programming II (CSCI 1902)
  • Structure of Computer Programming I (CSCI 1901)
  • Introduction to Data Mining (CSCI 5523)
  • Introduction to Computer Networks (CSCI 4211)
  • C Programming: Language & Applications (INET 3101)
  • Linear Algebra & Differential Equations (MATH 2243)
  • Calculus II (MATH 1272)
  • Calculus I (MATH 1271)
  • Physics for Science and Engineering II (PHYS 1302W)
  • Physics for Science and Engineering I (PHYS 1301W)
  • Monsters, Robots, Cyborgs (CSCL 3461)
  • Mass Media and Popular Culture (JOUR 3745)
  • University Writing (WRIT 1301)
  • Introductory Biology: Evolution & Ecology (BIOL 1001)
  • American Government & Politics (POL 1001)
  • Global Politics (POL 1025)
  • Issues in the Environment (ESPM 1011)
  • AP United States History (HIST 1307)


Senior Programmer Analyst & Web Developer


Jun '13 – Dec '16

Full stack web developer on the enterprise e-commerce team. Mostly Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML.


  • From Programmer Analyst & Web Developer - February 2016.
  • From Associate Programmer Analyst & Web Developer - January 2014.


  • Develop new responsive design e-commerce experience, including single-page app product configurators with Backbone.js, Bootstrap, etc. with legacy IE8 support - increase mobile sales from ~5% to 20+%. Multi-tier back-end in Java, Spring, Tomcat, Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Server.
  • Lead developer on new single-page web app with AngularJS and Bootstrap 3, using a REST API backed by LAMP stack, deployed via AWS OpsWorks on the Amazon cloud: SchoolWay
  • Re-energize brand with new responsive design landing pages with Bootstrap 3 via Rhythmyx CMS.
  • Web developer for pilot iOS app for sales reps. Built new JSON API web services backed by Java, Spring MVC, MyBatis, and Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Develop tooling for management of images using Groovy and ImageMagick.
  • Maintenance on Flash/Flex/AIR Jewelry designer web apps and designed product image rendering services.
  • Integrate website with Salesforce Live Agent customer service chat solution.
  • Full-stack production support.

Technologies: JavaScript, Backbone.js, jQuery, Grunt, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Java, Ant, Maven, Groovy, Tomcat, Spring MVC, Oracle PL/SQL, MS SQL Server, Solr, JUnit, Spock, Geb, Bash, Batch scripting, hybrid web/native mobile apps, AngularJS, REST APIs, PHP, Apache, LAMP, Flash/ActionScript/Flex/AIR/SWF/Animate, Classic ASP/VBScript, Node.js, XML, JSON, SOAP, JAXB, JiBX, Hudson/Jenkins, Splunk, AppDynamics, JIRA, JSPWiki, Subversion, WebSVN, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, etc.

Anders is a phenomenal developer who has the ability to quickly apply technology to solve business problems.

I hired Anders as a Web Developer for our E-Commerce development team. He quickly came up to speed on both technology and business knowledge. Anders has an ability to balance the technology, feasibility, and timing to come up with the right fit solution for the business problem. By collaborating with the E-Commerce team and the business, he proved he has the capabilities and became a go to resource.

I enjoyed working with Anders and value the experience I gained by having him on my team. If you are looking for a "Rock Star" developer and a great person, Anders is your guy.

Web Development Intern

Star Tribune

Jun '12 – Jan '13

Web development intern on the Digital Technology team at the largest daily paper in Minnesota.

  • Primary developer for pre-release version of Star Tribune Going Out app (, a Twin Cities entertainment and activities app, cross-platform hybrid web app for iOS & Android via Sencha Touch and Apache SOLR backend.
  • Led mobile app R&D. Cutting edge technologies: Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap/Cordova, Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile, Backbone.js, Android, Java, iOS, etc.
  • Kick-start performance improvement project. Developed analytic tools, discover per-domain bottlenecks, expensive requests like certain ads.
  • Web application migration from internal server cluster to Joyent cloud, updating code for PHP 4 to PHP 5.
  • Work with Limelight CMS / CDN, Java Velocity templates, etc.

Anders joined our team as one of two interns for our initial internship program. As an intern on our team, Anders was crucial in establishing the program, working to prototype experimental technologies and working with our development team to augment our staffing resources on our core product line. I found Anders to be an incredibly fast study, a great team player and an asset to our team. Because of his successful internship and the value he provided, the internship program went from a temporary test into a year-round part of our core development team. I'll definitely be calling Anders in the future with any opportunities that we may have available on our team.

Web & Communications Assistant

Career and Community Learning Center, University of Minnesota

May '11 – Apr '12

Website maintenance and web design position for CLA Communications department (CLA Career Serivces, Community Service-Learning Center, and Off-Campus Study Programs).

  • Maintain existing web sites.
  • Work with web content-management system.
  • Trouble-shooting web technology problems.
  • Proof-reading content.
  • Editing & uploading photos.
  • Managing electronic mailing lists.
  • Authoring of instructional documentation of web tasks.
  • Miscellaneous communications and administrative tasks.

Anders was extremely good at his Web and Communications position at the U of M. He is exceptionally talented at web development, with vast and impressive skills in this area. He's also a strong verbal and written communicator, strategic, well organized, a quick study, and self-motivated. On a more personal note, Anders is also a pleasure to collaborate with. I'd very happily hire or work with Anders again.

Webmaster & Online Manager

The Minnesota Daily

Apr '11 – Aug '12

  • Lead web developer & online manager (1-3 reports) for the 3rd largest newspaper in the Twin Cities.
  • Maintain & improve and internal systems. Drupal, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Subversion (SVN), Windows Server, Active Directory.
  • Develop & launch cross-platform embedded HTML5 mobile app with PhoneGap & Sencha Touch.
  • Redesign of Responsive design, SASS CSS preprocessor, cleaner code architecture, upgrade Drupal modules, new ad spots
  • Performance enhancements: Drupal caching, APC for PHP, MySQL optimization
  • Improve workflow by introducing project management, bug tracker, and documentation tools: MediaWiki, DokuWiki, Mantis Bug Tracker (MantisBT), WebSVN
  • Coordinate across organization for project planning & process review.

Over the past year and a half Anders has proved himself to be an excellent programmer and invaluable asset to the Minnesota Daily.

In the nine months he worked as the Daily's webmaster, he quickly mastered the Daily's web systems and helped launch the Daily's iPhone and Android phone apps.

As the Online manager, Anders has been responsible for the web presence of the third largest newspaper in the Twin Cities. He oversaw the development and launch of a new, responsive design website as well as proved himself a capable manager and an excellent communicator, especially when called upon to explain technical jargon to non-tech staff.

I highly recommend Anders and would hire him again if given the chance.


ACT33 (99th %ile)
SAT2080 (94th %ile)
PSAT/NMSQT23 (99th %ile)


  • Dean's List, Spring 2013, University of Minnesota
  • 2nd Place, UMN ACM Software Design Competition 2011


  • Shawn Wood Manager

    Director, Web Development and Architecture (former), Jostens
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